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Texas wildfires can be unpredictable, and can turn into wind-driven freight trains in the blink of an eye.

The state of Texas – particularly the western region – is experiencing unseasonably high winds, high temperatures and low humidity, causing concern for extreme wildfire danger. Based on current weather conditions, a wildfire can spread across the length of a football field in less than one minute.

It’s important for the public to assess the fire danger in the area around them in order to make educated decisions on whether evacuation is necessary and what kind of threat is posed.

One of many resources Texas Forest Service offers to the public is the Google Earth Common Operating Picture.

The map allows any user to locate fires, fuels, fire danger, aviation resources and burn bans in areas of interest to them.

Supplemental information also is provided. For example, click on a fire icon and the program will tell you what county the fire is in, when it started, how many acres it spread and what percentage of it is contained.

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