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The 75th Texas Legislature (HB680) created the Helping Hands Program, which allows the donation of used equipment while providing liability relief to the donor. Since 1997, this program has received more than $18.5 million in donated equipment, including 265 vehicles and 5,184 breathing apparatus, as well as numerous items of PPE and equipment. The program routinely receives donations in the way of structural gear, fire hose, nozzles, rescue tools, ladders, ventilation fans and other items that are essential to the operation of a fire department.  Availability determines the equipment award rate; consequently, making a donation is vital to meet the needs of Volunteer Fire Departments who service our communities. TFS is grateful to our donors for their participation in supplying equipment through this program.

How to make a donation...
Thank you for taking the next step towards donating to the Helping Hands Program. Contributing is easy and simple. Just complete the following forms and submit them via fax or mail. Once submitted, a TFS representative will respond to complete the transaction. The form allows you to list all of the equipment that you would like to donate. You also have the option to specify which department receives your equipment or TFS will fill already pending requests. Be assured your donation is critically important and appreciated by Volunteer Fire Departments and their communities. 

Helping Hands - Corpus Chrisit FD

Donation Form

Application for Texas Certificate of Title (if applicable)

  •  Sign and date in Box 22 on Form 130U  
  •  Return the exempt license plates to your tax assessor office.  
  •  All vehicles must be conveyed to Texas A&M Forest Service prior to assignment for relief of liability for the donor.

How to apply for assistance...
It's easy, simply complete the following form and submit it via fax or mail.
Application for Fire Department Assistance - Volunteer Programs (When submitting this application for Structural PPE, please also submit a completed Structure PPE Worksheet.)  

 Structure PPE Worksheet 

Note: Self Contained Breathing Apparatus (SCBA) - By law, SCBA's must be recertified to the manufacturer's specifications by a manufacturer authorized technician before being made available for placement. There is a certification fee that is required from each recipient. The amount of the fee may fluctuate, as of August 1, 2014; each department may be issued up to four SCBA at the current cost of $35 each. (SCBA $25 / Bottle $10)

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 For more information...
Call 936-639-8100 
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